My name is Megan Phillips. I am the artist of Arlegance. I create Impressionistic, Realistic, and Abstract images using a camera for people who love nature and feeling the peace it brings.

Back in 2011 I was working with two amazing women at a portrait studio. We talked about starting our own businesses, during which I stated that it was funny how for a bunch of creatives we weren’t that creative when naming our businesses. You can start laughing now! After all these years I get why it was the artist name and not one made up. As am artist you are your business not a random name, but I am going to keep the name I made up. So I apologize for the confusion.

Now for the reasons your really here. You want to know a little about me and what I do.


I made this with my character traits, and some of what I love. Also some of what I want to be. The biggest things about me are: I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Feel free to ask me anything in regards to the church! I am highly independent, and like the rest of my family, stubborn. I am also trying to write a fantasy book.

A little side note abut the book. I was talking to my friend while she was recovering from surgery, and some nurses ended up hearing details of my story line. They approached me and told me they loved what they heard and wanted to know if I was going to publish it. I am either by self publishing or by finding a publisher. The only hold up is there are some things I am untalented in and I want to do them in the book so I have to learn how to do those things passably well. I want the book to be enjoyable to those who read it.

Back to the important stuff!

The reason I got into fine art was I wanted a career that I would love doing, give me flexibility, and limit the amount of people bossing me around. I need to explain this last statement. I follow those whom I respect and trust. If I feel like I can’t trust you or that you are incompetent I won’t listen or follow you for long. Which makes working at ‘normal’ jobs hard. I will say that there are some who I lost respect for and they gained it back.

I will admit that it took me a little while to find what I really liked doing. When I applied to schools, I made a list of things that I enjoyed and had talent for. I ended up with photography. I had a point and shoot camera that I occasionally annoyed my family with. I was the queen of candid shoots, some were good, some were really bad. I decided to get my BFA in Photography. I started and 2 years later felt like I had to leave. So I did. I decided that I could learn from experience and accomplish my goals.

I have learned lots and have grown vastly from where I started. I deleted the past posts, they were awful, so moving forward I will produce better posts.

As for the styles of photography I choose to capture, these are the things that speak to me, the ones I am amazed at, intrigued with, and feel at peace with. They are mainly nature with some landscapes and abstract pieces, every once in a while you will find some impressionism. A lot of the reasons I do capture what I capture is that I thought it was pretty and loved it, or it was interesting and loved it. Basically it made me happy and I wanted to share it and make you happy.

What I just told you has been a sore spot for me, because it seems like everyone else has an interesting story or a unique reason for why they created their artwork.  Me, it was pretty and made me happy. I have a flame collection out and the reason that was taken was because of an image I took some time ago of flames because they made me happy, so I made more flame pictures that made me happy.

So there are some things about me, my work, and the reasons behind it all. If you want to get more updates don’t forget to subscribe to my emails, and you can follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram.

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